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The Oceans Below team are situated within easy access of some of the most stunning dive destinations in all of Asia and Mexico. Each year, we make numerous forays into Malaysian Borneo and Indonesia to explore their colorful reefs and film macro life, turtles and mantas. We also travel to the Bahamas to capture footage of tiger, bull and hammerhead sharks. In Baja California we document the sardine run with the striped marlins, sea lions and mobula rays. We’ve also made trips to Chinchorro Atoll in Mexico to film the American saltwater crocodiles to add to our extensive collection of 4K and HD footage.

Oceans Below provides royalty free 4K and HD underwater video clips for sale. What this means for you is that you get non-exclusive rights to use the clip in multiple ways and in perpetuity, for a one-time fee. So, you only have to pay for the license fee once, and you get to use the shot however you want, forever.

Our vast library consists of HD and 4K video footage of underwater marine life including Great Whites, crocodiles, bull sharks, tiger and hammerhead sharks, whalesharks, turtles, rays, manatees and humpback whales shot in locations around the world. We also have an endless supply of tropical coral reefs and schooling fish from throughout Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.

We have also documented the various coral bleaching events over the past years in HD and 4K. Fishing nets, underwater clean ups, trapped fish and trash that you may use for your conservation projects. We also have an artificial reef stock library of different constructions from around Koh Tao, Thailand.

Whether looking for footage for commercial or personal projects, we can help you with some great shots to enhance your production. We are also happy to consult with you as consultants to aid you in maximizing the impact of your message.

For those working with non-profits or on conservation/environmental projects, we may consider donating some of our stock footage free of charge.

Royalty free stock footage license fees range from 25USD per clip to 25USD per second for cable TV programs up to $350 dollars per second for a worldwide TV commercial. Most non-broadcast applications license for 45USD per clip, depending on the quality. Please email for more information on pricing.

We have HD 25fps/30fps and 50fps/60fps and 4K in 25fps/30fps

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HD Underwater Video Stock Footage
Thailand | Indonesia | Bahamas | Mexico | Palau

Watch my new showreel with some of my best moments in the ocean! Shot on the Sony a7RII with Nauticam housing & Sony a6500 with a Fantasea housing in various countries on this blue planet.

Get in touch if you’d like to use our 4K or HD underwater video clips in your project – we’re happy to help.

HD Underwater Video Stock Footage FAQs

How much should you charge to license a video already made?

Figuring out a fair price for providing your video services or selling footage can be a slippery slope. In general I mostly film and edit video projects for clients, like PADI for example, so when the shooting and editing work is done, the client ows the final edited piece. This is the easy way! You quote your customer in advance and agree on a fee.

Check out this blog to find out how I calculate my pricing for video jobs.

More complicated will be how to put a price on video work that already has been done. You will have to make sure to price your work and your stock footage correctly.

To figure out what a licensing fee should be for work already done or HD/4K underwater video stock footage, you should check if you are selling to an NGO or small business or the BBC for example. Ask them what the reach will be and how they will use your video or footage. Is it for TV or just to raise awareness for an overfishing documentary made by a non-profit organization? Most of the time royalty free video footage means the client will be able to use it in perpetuity. And of course keep in mind it cost you something too to produce this footage or the video.

All this can help you to determine a rate for 4K or HD underwater footage licensing or if people ask you for a video you already produced, maybe as a personal project.
Knowing this you can imagine that very request is different, so you prices are different as well.

Just FYI… if you upload your HD underwater video footage regularly on a stock footage website like Pond5 for example, you could get anything between 50USD to 200USD a month which is not much considering the investment you have made, the time and money you spent shooting and the time behind the computer to edit the clip, color correct, stabilize etc, and then upload it to the stock site and add text and tags to it.

But it is obviously still making more money than when your footage is sitting on a hard drive or your video is just posted on YouTube or Instagram!

What is stock footage?

Stock footage is video that you didn’t film yourself and that you want to use in your project. Stock footage you can buy directly from a production company, videographer or you can look into stock websites like Pond5 for example. Stock footage websites provide images you can license after paying a fee and agreeing to terms of use. Sometimes stock websites offer certain clips for free.

Stock footage is a great option to have. It can really help tell your story better and allow you to fill in the gaps of your video projects. Most of the time royalty free footage is high in quality, and when you are not sure what else to use, a stock clip might save the day.

When would you need stock footage?

Let’s say you’re making a documentary video about overfishing and one of the marine conservasionists you’re interviewing mentions shark finning. When you are editing, you might want to use some footage of a shark or a fishing boat to help paint the picture of the story better. In this case you don’t fly out to the Bahamas to go film sharks yourself, but instead you decide to find the shot you want online. And then you license that shot for use in your video.

What does royalty free stock footage mean?

Royalty free means that you aren’t limited in how many times you use the same video clip into your various projects or which types of projects you can use it in.
For example, you can use the same royalty-free stock footage clip in a few different projects. And it doesn’t matter if you’re making a YouTube video or a short documentary. Royalty-free licensing means that there are very few restrictions on how you use the video clips you have purchased the license for.

Can I create and sell 4K or HD underwater stock footage too?

If you’re an underwater videographer/filmmaker, then you might also want to think about creating and selling 4K and HD underwater stock footage. It can be a great way to make money out of something you already have filmed a while ago and that is just sitting on a hard drive.

If you live near the ocean and you have amazing marine life around you, shooting close to home  can be easy; also, if you’re travelling often to places that aren’t easy –or too expensive- for people to get to, to shoot their own footage. Like for example Tiger Beach in the Bahamas or Tonga where the humpback whales pass every year or the sardine run in Africa…

You will have to upload your best shots in the best quality with the best angle and most interesting behavior possible to be different than your competition.

Make sure you set the correct in and out points of the clip. The clip should not be shorter than 8 seconds. After this color correct a little bit your underwater footage, but don’t overdo it because your customer might have to match it with what he has already.

Then export the clip and increase your target bitrate a little. Higher bitrates can help limit artifacts. However if you export with highly compressed codecs like H.264 and HEVC, there will be some generational loss.

Give the clip a name and upload to a stock website. After that you will have to give a description of the footage, what model camera you used, tag the clip with lots of keywords so people can find it in a search and give it a price. After that you submit your clips and wait for them to be approved. If so, you are ready to sell!

What HD underwater video clips do you recommend for a corporate themed advert?

If you’re aiming to promote your business, maybe raise brand awareness or explain how your new product works, a corporate themed advert can be the ideal tool. Over the years it has been proven that corporate videos are very effective and that businesses using them are able to grow faster than their competition that don’t.

Sometimes simple ideas are the best! A corporate video is designed to promote your brand, product or services, so depending on that we can decide together what to use. When it comes to a great corporate video, keeping it simple can often be the most effective way of getting your point across. You don’t always need complicated, expensive graphics or animations to sell your product or services.

Depending on your business and your product, the stock you would need could be be a freediver shot, or just sunrays coming through the water or a shark sequence featuring your product. As long as it relates to what you are selling, it works.


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