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The Oceans Below team are within easy access of some of the most stunning dive destinations in all of Asia and Mexico. Each year, we make numerous forays into Malaysia and Indonesia as well as The Bahamas, Baja California and other places in Mexico to add to our extensive collection and to film our productions.
Oceans Below provides royalty free underwater video clips for sale. This extensive library consists of HD and 4K video footage of underwater marine life including Great Whites, Crocodiles, Bull Sharks, Tiger and Hammerhead sharks, Whale sharks, turtles, rays, Manatees and Humpback Whales shot in locations around the world. We also have an endless supply of tropical coral reefs and schooling fish from throughout Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.

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HD Underwater Video Stock Footage
Thailand | Indonesia | Bahamas | Mexico | Palau

New showreel with some of my best moments in the ocean! Shot on the Sony a7RII with Nauticam housing & Sony a6500 with a Fantasea housing in various countries on this blue planet.

Get in touch if you’d like to use our HD underwater video clips in your project – we’re happy to help.

HD Underwater Video Stock Footage FAQs

How much do HD underwater video clips cost?

It depends on what you use it for (commercial use is always more expensive) and the quality of the clip; HD or 4K. But normally I charge between 25 USD and 150 USD per clip (Royalty free in perpetuity).

What resolution of HD underwater video footage is available?

I have HD 25fps/30fps and 50fps/60fps and 4K in 25fps/30fps

What is your licensing agreement for HD underwater video usage?

My footage is Royalty free in perpetuity

Do you have underwater video stock footage of turtles, rays, corals and sharks?

I do. I have lots of Whaleshark footage, Tiger sharks and many other species from different plaves around the world. And of course of Manta rays, other stingrays, turtles and all kind of marine life. Coral footage from Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico and Bahamas.

What HD underwater video clips do you recommend for a corporate themed advert?

A corporate video is designed to promote a brand, product or services, so depending on that we can decide together what to use. Could be a freediver shot, or just sunrays coming through the water or a shark sequence featuring your product. As long as it relates to what you are selling, it works.


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