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Oceans Below is an award winning underwater video production company located on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. Established in 2004 by Elisabeth Lauwerys, Oceans Below productions have been widely recognized by numerous channels and clients such as the BBC, Discovery Channel, CBS and PADI.

In addition to teaching you the art of underwater videos in one of our high level underwater video courses, we also are able to present to our customers a wide selection of diverse HD and 4K underwater, royalty-free stock footage from around the world.

To highlight your company’s services, we can help you to create a fantastic promotional video. Our team of creatives has a lot of experience in pre- and post-production and we can give you a selection of innovative and creative concepts to maximize the impact of your message.

If you are looking for social media video content (dive shops, ocean related content, resorts), don’t hesitate to contact us.

Underwater videography and photography instructor Elisabeth Lauwerys

Elisabeth Lauwerys

Experienced PADI Dive Instructor Elisabeth has long been passionate about exploring the marine depths. In 2004, she opened Oceans Below Underwater Video Productions on Koh Tao, Thailand. Since then, she has created the dive industry’s first professional-level video training course; won numerous underwater video and photo competitions; worked with the BBC and other production houses; created a new look for the PADI promotional videos; trained a number of industry professionals in the art of underwater video; and is at the moment looking for a second location to set up shop.

As an Ambassador for Sealife, 22 Degrees and Trudive wetsuits she also gets to try out the newest technology, housings and lights and some great underwater gear.

She continues to teach budding underwater videographers and travel the world with trainees and customers in pursuit of the most spectacular and diverse diving environments—all the while equipped with her cameras and housings…

My passion lies beneath the ocean’s surface. I am a creative camera operator and film maker with thousands of hours behind the camera. For me, underwater filming is simply a force that guides me. As an experienced Dive Instructor, I have travelled all over the world.

My life has been devoted to freediving, scuba diving and filming, and my journey has been long and winding. From Humpback Whales and Great Whites in the open oceans, to the tiniest Nudibranchs on tropical coral reefs, the sea’s vast riches have fallen under my lens. And my journey continues…”

Feeding a Tiger shark in the Bahamas

Darius Moazzami

Oceans Below co-founder, Darius, has been instrumental in business development, budgeting and the direction of our company from the beginning.

He’s a part of the creative process of many of our projects, adding concept ideas and contributing with copy/text for our productions. Darius serves as the trip leader on our expeditions and oversees, scheduling, logistics and customer support. On our shark trips, he serves as a shark handler and safety diver. He’s also an experienced croc handler and tec diver.

When he is not overseeing the operations, he is an active PADI Course Director and owner of a local gym & fight club where he trains boxing and Muay Thai.


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Your Questions About Oceans Below

Why should I choose Oceans Below for my underwater video/photography training?

Oceans Below has been teaching underwater video and photography since 2005. We have taught hundreds of videographers the art of underwater video over the years. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of productions and promotional videos, we can give you the best practical course available. We not only turn you into the best videographer/photographer you can be, but we will show you the way to become a self reliant image creator. We also focus on creative editing, so you are ready to start making a name on social media first. You will learn where to find clients, how to start making promos and where to sell your footage and photos. After your course we will be always here to mentor you during your journey!

How long has Oceans Below been in operation?

Oceans Below opened its doors in 2004. At first we only filmed scuba and freediving courses for customers, and in 2005 we wrote our first underwater videography manual and began teaching underwater video courses to students from all around the world. Later on we made our mark in underwater productions and started working with big names like PADI, BBC, Animal Planet etc.

In what locations does Oceans Below shoot underwater video/photos?

The Oceans Below headquarters are on Koh Tao, Thailand, but we often travel to different locations to teach underwater video courses (on scuba or freediving) mainly around South-East Asia (Pom Pom Island in Sabah, Bali/Indonesia etc).

Oceans Below also organizes photography and video trips to off the beaten path destinations for small groups. We plan trips to the Bahamas to see and film the Tiger sharks, Chinchorro to dive with crocodiles, Tonga to film the Humpback whales, Pom Pom in Borneo for the abundance of macro critters… Check out our expedition page to see what’s coming up next!

Is Oceans Below accredited to any training agencies?

Oceans Below is not aligned with any dive training agency. Our courses go way beyond what a general dive agency can offer. We personalize every course to our student’s needs. Oceans Below is an established name in the world of underwater video by people throughout the dive industry. We once wrote the BSAC Pro Underwater Video training manual and have close associations with both BSAC and PADI. We can sign you off for the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer or Underwater Videographer for an additional fee for the PIC card.

Have productions from Oceans Below won any awards?

Oceans Below has won many awards over the years with underwater photos, as well as with underwater video productions. Some of the more prestigious ones are The Ernie Brooks award for outstanding Achievement in the Ocean Geographic underwater photo competition: Black & White and the Prix Dimitri Rebikoff de l’innovatons at the famous FMISM, Festival de l’image sous-marine, Marseille with the short film “Visions in Blue’ about Fluorescence in the ocean.


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