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Our blog keeps you updated with all latest expeditions reports, new photo & video gear reviews, pro tip, tricks and tutorials plus lots more underwater videography and photography news. Check back frequently for the latest from Oceans Below!

If you are a guest blogger, are seeking content for your outlet or have ideas for a collaboration, please feel free to get in touch. We’re always interested to consider new projects and partnerships.

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            News FAQs

            What underwater video/photo news sources do you follow?

            I like to read the articles on divephotoguide.com. They cover a wide variety of topics. I have written some articles for them about dive destinations, camera equipment and beginner underwater video tips. Very informative for the passionate underwater photographer!

            Another good website to follow is backscatter.com. They have a lot of good tutorial videos about cameras and how to use them underwater.

            Videomaker.com is a great site which covers everything from new microphones on the market to best cameras for YouTube…

            No Film school has good articles about equipment, like cameras, microphones etc.

            Do you accept posts from guest bloggers (containing do-follow backlinks)?

            Yes, of course we accept guest bloggers posts! It is a great way to share different content, opinions and ideas about anything related to underwater photography, underwater video, and new equipment and editing tips.

            Can I syndicate/share your news posts to my website or social media stream?

            Sure thing, but make sure my content reaches our target audience. My news posts are mainly about underwater videography and photography. And we are asking you to link back to the original post on our own site.

            What tips can you share for improving my own photography Blog or Vlog?

            What exactly do you shoot during an underwater photography shoot?  Clients always have these kinds of questions, and answering it for them will make them feel confident that you know what you’re doing.

            Share in which locations you can get the best results for your underwater shoots. This is something that might pop up in a Google search, so it’s perfect for getting traffic to your website.  I wouldn’t worry too much about giving away a secret spot; there are endless new underwater photo locations and dive sites.

            Show the viewers what is possible in post-processing.  Most clients have no clue what can and can’t be fixed in Lightroom or Photoshop. Record a short video clip showing your viewers how you do the color balance for underwater, take out particles, and play with light and your clients will feel much more comfortable in choosing you for a shoot.

            Explain in an article the pricing of your underwater photography services.  Most customers have absolutely no idea how much it’s worth to get a digital set of their best images.  This is info that the client will appreciate.

            Give your readers some photo tips.  Everyone owns a camera these days.  Write a few blog posts giving beginner photography tips for point-and-shoot users or GoPro users and you will create content that clients are likely to share on their Facebook and Instagram. Your readers will see you as being knowledgeable, and you’ll get new followers on your own website or social media.


            What are the best websites / software to use for video & photo blogging and vlogging?

            For vlogging or video editing I still think Adobe Premiere CC or Rush is easy and straightforward to use. Some people use Final Cut Pro for Apple. DaVinci is another great program for editing (and there is a free version too).

            However, if you are looking for some free Vlog Video editing software for beginners, look into iMovie for Mac users or VSDC for a PC computer.

            The best blogging platform for most people is Wix or WordPress. When it comes to creating your own blog, you have two options: The first is to build a website and host your blog there. The other is to use a blogging platform like LinkedIn for example. This platform gets your writing in front of lots of people.


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