Underwater Video & Photo Courses & Internships
Koh Tao, Thailand

Oceans Below underwater video courses are recognized by dive industry insiders as the best, most comprehensive underwater videographer training courses available. Oceans Below trainees are working in underwater videographer jobs worldwide and are easily distinguishable by their creativity, professionalism and experience.

We’re located on the beautiful island of Koh Tao, Thailand and surrounded by plenty of dive sites just a short boat ride from the beach. Koh Tao is a great place to hang out for a while to enjoy a laid back island lifestyle. We have an abundance of fish life on our reefs, multiple Whaleshark seasons and diving all year round.

During all underwater videographer training you’ll be using high quality, 4K underwater Sony cameras and Nauticam housings, Scubalamp 12000 lumen lights, OrcaTorch 5000 lumens lights and Adobe CC when editing your productions. However, if you have your own underwater camera and housing, we can also teach you on your personal equipment.

If you are doing an underwater photography course with us, you will be equipped with the Sony a7IV or a Sony a6700 mirrorless camera in a Nauticam housing, 2 Inon strobes and different wide angle or macro wet lenses. For the editing we can teach using either Photoshop or Lightroom.

We can also customize your training in the event you have a personal project you want to focus on. If that’s the case you can request a tailor made course. Contact us with your questions.

Courses are always one on one to make sure you get the most out of the course. This means we can always adjust and adapt during our time together.

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Underwater Videography Courses

Professional underwater videography training in Thailand

12 day Professional Underwater Videography Training & Optional Internship

  • 48,500THB
  • 12 days with option for add-on internship

This pro-level course introduces underwater documentary film-making concepts, skills and techniques to advanced divers. We practice all aspects of the process from pre- to post production. ... read more.

Underwater videography course

3 or 5 Day Underwater Videography Course

  • 19,500 or 29,500THB
  • 3 or 5 day options

These courses teach basic underwater filming techniques and editing to those interested in documenting their holidays, making short underwater videos for marketing or creating social media content. ... read more.

UV fluorescence night diving photograph

UV Night Diving Photography & Videography

  • 9,500THB
  • 1 Night Dive and 1 edit day

Here we acquaint experienced divers with specialized ultra-violet (U/V) equipment to capture the unique beauty of coral reef and marine life fluorescence on night dives. ... read more.

Mermaiding dive and photoshoot in Thailand

Mermaiding Dive & Photo Shoot

  • Send a message for prices
  • 1 day

For anyone looking for original and fun social media content, this course introduces you to basic freediving techniques and how to pose for underwater photos for our photographer while wearing a beautiful mermaid costume. ... read more.

Making underwater videos whilst freediving

Social Media Video Course

  • 25,000THB
  • 5 days

To harness the marketing power of social media, this course helps develop creative content production, powerful images and building an individual brand in short reels and V-logs. ... read more.

Social media video course

Freediving Video Course

  • 19,500 or 29,500THB
  • 3 or 5 day options

For those who prefer the ease, silence and connectedness of breath-hold diving, this course focuses on specific filming techniques, positioning, awareness and safety for freedivers. ... read more.

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Underwater Photography Courses

Photography course in Thailand

3 Day Underwater Photography Course

  • 19,500THB
  • 3 days

This introductory course presents the basics of capturing stunning underwater images using natural light and strobes. We will also orient you to the use of editing programs to enhance your photos. ... read more.

Professional underwater photography course in Thailand

5 Day Underwater Photography Training

  • 29,500THB
  • 5 days

Here we spend more time on both wide angle and macro shooting techniques and positioning with natural and artificial light. You will also further develop your editing skills. ... read more.

Silhouette whaleshark underwater photo

Freediving Photography Course

  • 19,500THB or 29,500THB
  • 3 or 5 days

This flexible 3-5 day course is designed for freedivers to discover the secrets of being an effective photographer while shooting marine life and other freedivers on a single breath of air. ... read more.

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Underwater Video & Photo FAQs

How do you become an underwater videographer?
  • Make sure you become a good diver and that you have amazing buoyancy
  • Study marine life – what do they eat, where do they hide out, what time of the year are they around, etc.
  • Be prepared to do some underwater video work for free or very little money while you gain experience in the beginning.
  • Watch lots and lots of documentaries.
  • Learn to edit well.
  • Get experience in different places around the world and practise, practise, practise.
  • Networking and selling yourself is crucial in this business. Use social media platforms, meet people, visit dive expos…
  • Don’t give up if it doesn’t happen right away!
What education is needed for underwater photography?

The most important thing to become an underwater photographer is to get Scuba diving or Freediving training. You should find yourself a good scuba or freedive instructor and start diving a lot! The more dive, the better your movements and buoyancy will become. And once that is on point you can start taking a camera with you.

Then take an underwater photography course for a few days or more and start applying your new knowledge to your underwater photography. Practise, and keep learning new skills from other underwater photographers and sign up for some different photography courses or workshops.

Can I learn this online?

If you have access to water and scuba or freedive buddies, I can teach you any of our courses online. Just drop me a line and let me know what exactly you would like to learn and we go from there…

Can I learn how to shoot freediving models?

Yes, we can offer you this too. We have lots of freediver friends who are always up for a modelling session in exchange for some of your photos. We can do this during the course or we can organize a seperate day for it. Koh Tao has many hidden places to discover and play with composition.

How many dives do I need to start a video course?

You should have a minimum of 20 dives for the 3 or 5 day video course. Once you sign up for the 12 day pro underwater video course it’s better to aim for 50 logged dives. The more dives and experience you have, the better your buoyancy will be and with that your video footage will be steadier. If you need help to find a dive school on Koh Tao to do some diving first, please send me a message.


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