Underwater Photography Training
Koh Tao Thailand

Are you interested in underwater photography? Come learn with us on the beautiful island of Koh Tao. During one of our 3 or 5 day courses, you will be trained to photograph the stunning underwater world. We will start with wide angle and finish with some macro dives. You’ll have a choice of using strobes or shooting with only natural light.

The courses can be taught on scuba or freediving.

Oceans Below will provide you with all of the skills and equipment you need to produce great underwater images. During your training you will use high-quality Sony mirrorless cameras with Nauticam Housings. For the editing we use Photoshop or Lightroom. If you prefer to use your own equipment, you are welcome to do so.

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Underwater Photo Courses

Underwater photography editing

3 Day Underwater Photography Course

  • Price: 19,500 THB
  • Prerequisites: Open Water Diver with 20 logged dives

This foundational course teaches divers the basics of camera operation and use, composition, lighting and editing to take captivating images of the underwater world. ... read more.

Whaleshark underwater photography

5 Day Underwater Photography Training

  • Price: 29,500 THB
  • Prerequisites: Open Water Diver with 20 logged dives

Increase your knowledge and get more specific feedback on how to better frame and compose your shots, color-correct and discover more advanced editing features and techniques. ... read more.

Freediver photographer

3 or 5 Day Freediving Photo Course

  • Price: 19,500 THB or 29,500 THB
  • Prerequisites: Freediver Level 1 (or higher)

The demands of freediving reward you with mesmerizing close-up photos of the marine world. Learn to anticipate, approach and shoot your subjects on a single breath. ... read more.

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Underwater Photography Training FAQs

What are the challenges I will encounter when photographing underwater?
  • The first challenge will often be: Loss of color. This is the main complaint from novice underwater photographers. Water absobs all colors and you will just see shades of blue the deeper you go. To solve this problem, use a red filter, manually white-balance on a white slate or your hand or better even get strobes or video lights and get closer to your subject.
  • If your photos are lacking sharpness, check your shutterspeed settings. When you try photographing a moving fish, set your shutterspeed to minumum 1/125 to avoid motion blur when shooting in natural light.
  • Proper positiong is often challenging too. You’ ideally want to take your photo at eye-level and preferably even from below. This will help you to seperate your subject from the background better.
  • Your subject is not cooperation and you end up with a bunch of shots of fish tails. To avoid this, study your subject, find out how it behaves and try anticipating the direction it will go. Never chase fish and try to approach as slowly as you can with the least amount of movement possible.
Which housing should I buy for my camera?

Most of underwater camera housings out there are good, so it mainly depends on your budget and what brands of housings are available for your camera. Ask other photographers what they are using and what they think, and if possible, try some out before investing in one.

How do you get a dark background in your underwater photos?
  • Get the right positioning first. You don’t want to have anything in your background. The best way to do get this is by shooting up.
  • Use a small aperture and a high shutterspeed.
  • Position your strobes right where they only light up your subject.
How do I shoot macro photography with my compact camera?

For macro photography with a compact camera you will need a camera that allows very close focus, 2cm or even less, or buy a macro “wet lens”. These are diopters that allow for closer focusing. Wet lenses exist in different strenghts. If you want extreme magnification you can even stack 2 of them!

Do you absolutely need a red filter for underwater photography?

Most DSLR, Mirrorless and compact camera photographers do not use a red filter. Instead they shoot using manual white balance and shoot in RAW so they can adjust  the white balance of the image in post on the computer with no loss of clarity.


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