Are you more interested in underwater photography? Come train with us on the beautiful island of Koh Tao. During one of our 3 or 5 day courses, you will be trained to photograph the stunning underwater world. We will start with wide angle and finish with some macro dives. You'll have a choice of using strobes or shooting with only natural light.

Oceans Below will provide you with all of the skills and equipment you need to produce great underwater images. During your training you will use high-quality Sony mirrorless cameras with Nauticam and Fantasea Underwater Housings. For the editing we use Photoshop or Lightroom. If you prefer to use your own equipment, you are welcome to do so.

3 day Underwater Photography training course

In the 3 day course you learn about wide angle photography using natural light and strobe light. The course includes 4 dives and editing time in Adobe Photoshop or Light room, your choice… 

Course schedule: 
Day 1: a.m. orientation and theory – p.m. 2 dives 
Day 2: a.m. check photos – p.m. 2 dives 
Day 3: Edit 

Additional photo days: 4000THB/day (in case you want to prolong the course)

Pricing: 16,500 THB Book Now

5 day underwater photo course

The 5 day photo course is designed to help you grow quickly into an underwater photographer. We focus on wide angle and close up shots, natural light (and white balancing) and artificial light (strobe or continuous light), strobe positioning for wide angle and macro. Editing is done with Light room or Adobe Photoshop. We do 8 dives.

Course schedule (includes 8 dives):
Day 1: a.m. orientation and theory about housing and camera settings – p.m. 2 dives
Day 2: a.m. check photos and prep camera – p.m. 2 dives
Day 3: a.m. check photos – p.m. edit RAW
Day 4: a.m. 2 dives – p.m. edit
Day 5: a.m. 2 dives – p.m. edit

Additional photo days: 4000THB/day (in case you want to prolong the course)

Pricing: 24,500 THB Book Now

Freediving Photo Course

Would you prefer to photograph while freediving? Oceans Below offers 3 or 5-day programs for you to learn how to photograph freedivers and marine life while freediving. If you are not a freediver, we can arrange your training with Apnea Total Freediving School on Koh Tao. After the 2 day certification you will have the knowledge and experience necessary to begin the U/W photography course.

During the 3-day course we will do 2 days of freediving. The rest of the time will be spent editing with Lightroom or Photoshop. In the 5-day course we will have more water time; 3 or 4 days, depending on how much you want to learn in the editing programs.

Day 1: We meet at 3 pm and we will do a theory session on how to assemble the setup, camera settings, freediving photography techniques etc.
Day 2: In the morning we have about a 2 hour water session of photographing freedivers doing line dives and breath-ups. In the afternoon we check your photos and then begin editing.
Day 3: Another water session. We will try to get to a dive site where you can shoot fish and corals with freedivers. In the afternoon we will check the raw photos and edit. The course is finished…
Or add more days:
Day 4: Do more freediving and photographing in another water session, edit in the afternoon your best shots.
Day 5: Finish your edits and learn more techniques or jump again in the water to get extra practice! And edit your last shots in the afternoon.

Pricing: 3-day course 10,500 THB and 5-day course: 15,000 THB Book Now

If you just want to try and learn the basics for the day the price is 4,000 THB

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