Freediving Underwater Video Training
4 or 6 days

Do you prefer to freedive? We have a great 4 or 6-day program for you to learn how to film freedivers or coral and marine life while freediving. Not a freediver? Not a problem! Sign up with Apnea Total Freediving School on Koh Tao before starting the course. The Freediver certification is enough to get started, but you will have a great advantage if you are an advanced Freediver.

During the 4-day course we will be 2 days in the water and the rest of the time editing. In the 6-day course we will have more water time; 3 or 4 days, depending on how much you want to learn in the editing suite.


Day 1: We meet at 3 pm and we will do a theory session about how to assemble the setup, camera settings, freediving shot making and story telling

Day 2: In the morning we have about a 2 hour water session of filming line dives and breath-ups. In the afternoon we check your footage and then I will teach you Adobe Premiere Pro CC in the afternoon.

Day 3: Another water session. We will try to get to a dive site where you can film fish and corals with freedivers. In the afternoon we will check the footage and work on a short video edited to royalty free music.

Day 4: At 10am we will work on your short video, do color corrections, titles and stabilize footage. In the afternoon you’ll go home with your own movie.


Day 5: Do more freediving and filming in our water session, start the edit of another video in the afternoon with your best shots.

Day 6: Finish your edit of your “best of” this morning and learn about overlay effects.


4 day course: 12,500 baht
6 day course: 16,500 baht

If you just want to try and learn filming and editing for the day the price is 4,000 THB.

Freediving underwater videography of a whale shark Freediving underwater photography

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Freediving Underwater Video FAQs

What are some advantages to do freediving video instead of on scuba?
  • You get to communicate with your customers or buddies who are modelling instead of trying to communicate with hand signals while on scuba.
  •  No bubbles!
  • Using the natural light of the shallow reefs. No need to drag down heavy lights.
  • Unlimited water time because there is no NDL or a tank that might go empty.
What camera is best for video while freediving?

Overall, the GoPro Hero 9 Black is a great freediving camera for most freedivers out there. It films in 4K and has a great stabilization tool build-in. The only exception to this is if you’re a professional underwater videographer, in which case you’ll need to invest in a heavy-duty camera. Make sure though you can still handle it while freediving!

Do I need to be trained for freediving before taking your Underwater Video course?

Yes you do! But you can sign up the whole package with me. I also teach freediving level 1 and 2 and then right after the course we can start the video course.

What do I learn on the underwater freedive video course?

First of all you will learn all about camera settings, so you don’t have to fiddle around too much when being underwater. Then we will go through camera set-up and maintance. After that we will go through shooting techniques, white-balance, positioning and safety. Once back after a day of filming we will edit the footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and make a short video. We still have another day of freediving and you can choose to learn to film people or we could go out to the shallow reef and focus on filming turtles, blacktip sharks and other marine life while breath-holding. Of course we do another session of editing and we will produce another underwater video.

What is the biggest danger in taking video underwater while freediving?

The biggest danger in freediving is a shallow water blackout; especially if you are so focussed on getting the shot. Blackouts are not common, we will tain you to take underwater video safely! That is why you do the freedive video course. You will always have someone to watch over you and to be your safety while you are taking shots.


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