Mermaiding Dive: Underwater Photo Shoot & Video
Koh Tao, Thailand

Do you love the water and freediving or swimming? Have you ever wanted to feel like a mermaid with just one fin? Here is your chance to experience something completely new! Become a mermaid for a day and get some amazing photos taken of you. The mermaid course is a lot of fun and you will learn all the skills you need to move around in the water like a real mermaid.

Learn how to get the perfect pose to get the perfect shot. This course will teach you all you need to know to be a mermaid and get amazing shots with an underwater photographer or videographer.

After a short classroom session, we will do some stretching and then dive straight into learning how to swim like mermaid. Once you master some skills we will give you your mermaid costume and show you how to move safely in the water.

In the second part of the course you will put on the beautiful mermaid costume and we’ll take professional pictures or videos of you!

After day one in the pool you have the option to go in the ocean…

10,000 THB including the photoshoot

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Mermaiding dive photo Mermaiding photo shoot in Thailand

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More Mermaiding Info

What colors of mermaid costume are available?

How long is a piece of string? We’ve got pretty much whatever you desire.  Needless to say we have pretty much any color combination you can imagine…

Do I need to be able to breathe underwater?

We make the mermaiding dives as a breath hold (apnea dive). You inhale a deep breath at the surface then duck underwater to swim around for a few moments whilst we shoot images. We repeat this process many times, capturing lots of great shots for you.

Can I choose to do mermaiding in a swimming pool or ocean?

Yes, shooting your mermaiding dive in either a swimming pool or the ocean is fine. This is subject to weather and sea conditions. Whilst a swimming pool always remains calm and clear, the sea is a completely different environment; Waves, surge and varying visibility make for an ever changing environment, which presents both challenging or rewarding opportunities for a mermaid dive.

If you are interested to make the dive in the sea, ultimately we need to assess the weather and ocean conditions at the time of your shoot.

Can I get a job as a mermaid diver?

Becoming a professional mermaid is quite a challenge, but it is possible. There are some mermaid courses you can do to get used to the costume and swimming with a mermaid tail. You will have to be an experienced swimmer and be physically fit and own your own costume.

Once you got all that, it is all down to marketing your skills and performances. As a professional mermaid you can work at children’s parties if they have a swimming pool, work at a luxury event for visual appear, teach children or adults how to be a mermaid or merman, model as a mermaid or even work in an aquarium.

Can more than one person make the mermaiding session together?

Sure! If you are group of friends or family and want to make the mermaiding session together that’s fine. We can shoot couples, groups, whatever you want.


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