Become an underwater videographer in Asia’s top dive destination- Koh Tao Thailand. While you’re staying in this beautiful place, you will be trained to capture the stunning underwater world. Oceans Below will provide you with all of the skills and equipment needed to produce professional 4K underwater videos. Your training will include the use of high-quality 4K mirrorless cameras, Nauticam and Fantasea Underwater Housings, and Adobe CC for editing.

12 day Professional Underwater Videography Training

The 12 day professional underwater videography training course focuses on documentary film-making and starts with an introduction to the camera and housing. We show you how to set-up and maintain the equipment and then progress on to film styles, camera angles, composition and shot making. We'll then introduce you to the computer editing programs and show you how you can put sound effects and music onto your movies. We'll spend 7 days in the water- 2 dives per day filming and the rest of the time we spend editing 6 movies and a show-reel. During the course we will use wide angle lenses focusing on wide shots on some days. While on other days we use macro lenses to film the small critters in the sand.

Pre-requisites: PADI Advanced Open Diver (or equivalent) with 50+ logged dives. It is possible to add on the scuba training courses before the start of the Professional Underwater Videography Training if you need experience to meet the prerequisites. Just let us know what you want to do.

Available Dates

The Professional Underwater videography Training Course is available year-round, except in November and December when Oceans Below goes on expeditions with ex-students to film great marine life around the globe. We take maximum 2 people per course to ensure that you get lots of personalized attention throughout. These courses usually are booked at least a few months in advance, so make sure you check in with us prior to traveling to ensure availability.

Health Requirements for underwater videographers

If you are looking to participate in this program you need to ensure that you are reasonably fit and free from any conditions that may prevent from or be a danger to you while diving. Before signing up, it is best to consult your doctor and get a signed Medical Statement

Pricing: 39.500 THB Book Now

Underwater Internship (only available after the Pro video course)

Once you have completed your training, you will have the option to do the following:

  • Documentary Film making Internship: Continue your education and skill development. Quite simply, diving and filming to produce your own short documentary. Diving away from the main student dive sites and avoiding the crowds is one of the goals of this internship. You may find yourself spending 45 minutes filming a seahorse to get that perfect shot. This is a 10 day program

  • Learn how to make promo videos for dive centers or promotional pieces for social media and creative editing. This is a 10 day program
Pricing: 27,000 THB Book Now

  • UV/Fluo Night Diving Internship. During this internship you will focus on making a documentary or music video with UV footage we shoot on our fluo night dives. First you will learn how to use video lights and after that we do 2 UV night dives to get enough footage to tell a story. Our UV night dives are minimum 60 minutes long. This is a 5 day program
Pricing: 18,500 THB Book Now

Underwater Videographer Course 3 or 5 days

The 3 or 5 day course is designed to introduce student divers to the basic principles of underwater video production.

The advantage of taking the 5 day course is that we’re able to take more time developing your underwater videography skills. To qualify for the Underwater Videographer specialty course you must be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or have a qualifying certification from another training organization.

The Underwater video course includes:
  • The selection, maintenance, care and handling of underwater video equipment.
  • Safe diving practices while diving with a camera
  • Shot types and camera moves – Developing a storyline
  • Making a few short underwater movies with royalty free music
  • The basics of post-production
  • Manual focus and white-balance
Pricing: 3 day course 15.000 THB and 5 day course 22.500 THB Book Now

Freediving Video Course 4 or 6 days

Do you prefer to freedive? We have a great 4 or 6-day program for you to learn how to film freedivers or coral and marine life while freediving. Not a freediver? Not a problem! Sign up with Apnea Total Freediving School on Koh Tao before starting the course. The Freediver certification is enough to get started, but you will have a great advantage if you are an advanced Freediver.

During the 4-day course we will be 2 days in the water and the rest of the time editing. In the 6-day course we will have more water time; 3 or 4 days, depending on how much you want to learn in the editing suite.


Day 1: We meet at 3 pm and we will do a theory session about how to assemble the setup, camera settings, freediving shot making and story telling

Day 2: In the morning we have about a 2 hour water session of filming line dives and breath-ups. In the afternoon we check your footage and then I will teach you Adobe Premiere Pro CC in the afternoon.

Day 3: Another water session. We will try to get to a dive site where you can film fish and corals with freedivers. In the afternoon we will check the footage and work on a short video edited to royalty free music.

Day 4: At 10am we will work on your short video, do color corrections, titles and stabilize footage. In the afternoon you’ll go home with your own movie.


Day 5: Do more freediving and filming in our water session, start the edit of another video in the afternoon with your best shots.

Day 6: Finish your edit of your “best of” this morning and learn about overlay effects.

Pricing: 4-day course 12,500 THB and 6-day course: 16,500 THB  Book Now

If you just want to try and learn filming and editing for the day the price is 4,000 THB

Social media Video course 8 days

This course can be done after any of the Underwater Video courses as an Internship, or you can just sign up for this one individually. We will use topside and underwater footage (on scuba, freediving or snorkelling). You must be an advanced open water diver if you’d like to integrate footage we film on scuba. If you are interested in a dry course, there are no prerequisites.

This is a video course dedicated to making you a pro at using the power of marketing yourself or your brand with video. In this course we focus on the creation of creative content that showcases your talent as a videographer/content creator or your product.

Video is more powerful than any other marketing method. I will guide you every step of the way while you are creating your marketing video. We will get you to film vlog style, use sound, and record your story and/or use royalty free music to accompany strong images and text. We will discuss the technical aspects of your own production (transitions, colour grading etc.), equipment you might want to use, setting up your YouTube – Vimeo channel, and so much more.

Pricing: 27.000 THB  Book Now

Fluorescence Underwater Video Course

Oceans Below specializes in Fluoro/UV filming and has been commissioned numerous times by the BBC for productions like “Nature’s Weirdest Events”.

We now offer a unique Fluorescence Underwater Video Course including 3 UV night dives and editing days. Since the night dives might not be every night we might have to spread out the course over 6 days.

During a UV Night Dive, we descend with specialized High Intensity Blue lights and a special visor for mask and camera. This allows us to see and film marine fluorescence. During the course you will be using a Sony A6500 or an A7R II 4K camera with a Nauticam or Fantasea Housing (or your own rig) and yellow barrier filter and the “SuperBlue” blue light fluorescence lights based on the Intova Supernova or the Fantasea Radiant 2500.

We will teach you all the techniques needed to capture stunning close ups of corals, small crabs catching their meal, following scorpion fish on the move and fly overs of the fluorescent coral landscape.

For this course you need to be an Advanced Open Water Diver and have done a ‘normal’ night dive before. Experience with a camera is a must!

Oceans Below’s award winning video “Visions in Blue” explains in short what UV Night diving is.

Pricing: 20,500 THB  Book Now

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