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Koh Tao Thailand

Oceans Below has been creating vibrant and creative promotional videos for our customers in various industries for the past 15 years. We worked extensively with PADI to redesign their video marketing and helped to create a sustained marketing campaign through their social networking platforms. We also have worked with Apnea Total, Aurora Wetsuits, Fantasea Line Underwater Housings and many others in promoting their products and services.

Whether you need creative content for your social media, inspiring footage to promote your business, an underwater camera operator on location or general help with your productions, please contact us for any specific shoot enquiries.

Not a theme yet for your presentation? We can help to create a fantastic promotional video to highlight your company’s services or products. With a team of creative minds and a range of experiences in pre- and post-production we can give you a selection of innovative concepts to maximize the impact of your message on social media and mesmerize your audience.

We offer underwater and topside photography and video services. We can edit your projects and we have a large 4K & HD royalty free stock footage library available for any of your productions. Some of our best underwater footage features in the BBC productions “Nature’s Weirdest Events” and “Thailand: Earth’s Tropical Paradise; Secrets of the South”. Other production clients include Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, CBS, Thalassa, The European Union, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and many more. Check out some of our productions here below.

Underwater video equipment

The equipment we use:

  • Sony a7IV with a Nauticam Housing
  • Lenses: For wide angle: 16-35mm F4 with glass dome port and 28mm prime lens with the Nauticam WWL-01. For macro: 90mm F2.8 prime lens with Nauticam macro wet lens and Fantasea +12 wet macro lens
  • Sony a6700 with a Nauticam Housing and a 16-50mm zoom lens and the WWL-01 Nauticam wet wide angle lens
  • Mavic Air drone
  • Iphone 15 Pro in a DiveVolk housing
  • 2x 12000 lumens Scubalamp (SUPE) video lights with ambient filters
  • 2x Inon Z240 strobes
  • 2x Blue lights for fluorescent night diving and yellow barriers

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Our Underwater Video Productions

Over the past couple of years I had the privilege to dive with crocodiles, Mantas, Manatees, Tiger shark and so much more in many different countries around the world. I put together a short compilation of the best moments diving these places.
Moon Tattoo, SOFI TUKKER. Music and lyric video
Oceans Below worked together with Elizabeth Spelman on this music video project for SOFI TUKKER. The original version is much longer and has a great story. We filmed this video with 2 talented freedivers in the waters around Koh Tao and the night scenes in a swimming pool.
Animal Planet, Discovery Channel Southeast Asia
A few years back I worked with Discovery for a small segment in a bigger production called “Wildest Indochina; Thailand”. Except for 2 shots, this is what Oceans Below contributed.
Pom Pom Island, Maylaysia promo video
“Pom Pom Memoirs” was initially a personal project but later on it was used by the tourist board to promote Sabah. This little island has a special place in my heart. I taught many video courses here over the years
Thalassa, France 3, Siam, a chacun son royaume
Great experience working on this production. Thalassa is a very well-known series on French TV. Oceans Below was asked to film the UV|Fluo night diving part of it, which we did at Sail Rock.
Apnea Total, promo video
In January 2019 Apnea Total, Koh Tao’s first Freediving school commissioned Oceans Below for a short social media promotional video. Check out the great results!
PADI Asia Pacific / PADI Freediver
Since 2012 Oceans Below has done most of the PADI promotional videos. One of them was the PADI Freediver which was filmed in Bali
Fantasea Housing FG9X promo video
Oceans Below has partnered up with Fantasea Line since 2015 and makes all their promotional product videos for their new housings and lenses
Koh Tao Promo
The promo “Koh Tao” was shot and edited in March 2019 to help promote our little island. So many people put their time and effort into making this great short video! And with great results! Sponsored by PADI Asia Pacific.
Sea Matters, European Environment Agency
In 2015, the Brussels based production company Emakina commissioned Oceans Below to film an environmental message for the European Environment Agency. Together with former pro underwater video student Cedric Larcin, we filmed the rubbish that suffocates our oceans.
PADI Go Pro Promo video
This was the first promo for PADI we made in a long series of promos. This one we produced from beginning to end product. From the story to the shots and the locations, it was all set up and executed by the Oceans Below team
PADI TEC and Sidemount promo
Sidemount and tec diving is becoming so much more popular and it was a great opportunity to get more ladies that tec dive in to promote these PADI courses.


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Underwater Video Production FAQs

Who are some of your other notable clients?

I have worked on underwater sequences for some BBC and Animal Planet documentaries. Between 2012 and 2019 I have filmed, created and produced all PADI promotional videos. I have filmed Fluorescent dives for a French program called Thalassa. And sold footage to other production houses.

Do you charge by the day or do you charge a project fee?

It depends on the project. Sometimes you will need an underwater videographer for the day, some people need me for the whole project. Others will just buy footage or need me to film for half a day.

Send me a message for a quote for your projects.

If we have our own footage, can we hire you as an editor?

Absolutely. Let me know what you are looking for an get in touch me for a quote…

Would you be willing to travel to do underwater productions?

Yes. I travel to any location. Just let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements. I have done production shoots (besides in Thailand) in Indonesia, Mexico, Bahamas and Borneo.

If we are not sure what we want exactly, can you help us with the creative process?

Yes, of course. I have created many projects for my clients and I will always suggest differnt options to choose from until you are happy with the result.


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