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Award winning photographer Elisabeth Lauwerys captures images of ocean wildlife all over the world. She likes to think outside the box, be as creative as she can, and make a difference.

We are the ambassadors of the sea. It is our duty to protect and fight for the environment in which we work. Edit your footage and photos for the world to see. What people love, they will protect. Make it your mission to not only bring out your work and talent, but use this gift to save our oceans.

If you are interested in using any of our underwater photos, choose images below and click select. We’ll put together a package for you.

We have many more underwater photos, so if you have a special requirement which you don’t see here get in touch.
Plus we’re available to run bespoke photo shoots on request.

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Underwater Stock Photography FAQ

How much do underwater images cost?

My images are royalty free. The price depends on the size you want and what you are using it for. For personal use for on the wall as decoration for example it will be around 40 to 50 USD. For commercial use it is more expensive. Email me to ask for a quote.

Which resolution of underwater photos can you provide?

Depending on which camera I used for the photo the lowest resolution is 4000px by 2664px and the highest is 7952px by 5304px.

How can I buy underwater stock photos?

If you see an image you like, click on the box below and let me know what size and I will send you a quote. WHen you are ok with this I will send you a link after you do the payment with Paypal elisabeth@oceansbelow.net.

If you don’t see what you need…I have so much more, so don’t hesitate to ask me for it!

You can also check on my instagram account oceans_below for more images.

Where are these underwater photos taken?

The photos have been taken all; Yucatan Mexico, Koh Tao (Thailand), Similan Islands (Thailand), Baja California (Mexico), Tiger Beach (Bahamas), Pom Pom island (Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia)…

Do you engage in 'baiting' or controversial practices to capture underwater photos?

In some parts of the world, like in Tiger Beach, Bahamas, the crew of the liveaboard will hang a tube full of fish heads next to the boat to attract the sharks. They will have a “bait” box from which they occassionally will give a piece to a shark.

Because of this the sharks at Tiger Beach have become accustomed to the presence of divers. And, because they have plenty of other things to eat, they do not regard us as a principal food source.

So… yes, it is absolutely not a completely natural setting. But it is a safe environment to have an up and close experience with these animals, and it will make you understand that they are not the “man-eaters” they are portrayed to be in the media.

This is one of the rare places I have been where bait is used though.


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