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Posted Sep 3rd, 2021 by Elisabeth

A few days ago we headed out on the longtail to a couple of different bays around Koh Tao. We were extremely lucky that day with the weather. It was a calm, flat and sunny day and on top of that the visibility was good! The idea? An underwater photoshoot of Tuk’s amazing clothing line…

Choltida Pekanan (Tuk) is the designer of fashion brand By Moumi. Inspired by her cats, who even make an appearance on the prints og her clothing line, Tuk has a different and creative view. She creates fun, colorful and stylish clothes and we took these beautiful collections underwater!

Cave Nikki

We spent a whole day exploring caves, sandy bottoms and swam with fish. The 4 models from Apnea Total did an amazing job.

monica sand

Check out By Moumi’s website to find out more about the story behind the clothes https://www.bymoumi.com/

Nadine posing in the sand

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Koh Tao News FAQs

If I come to Koh Tao can I book a shoot?

Yes, absolutely. We have different scenery around Koh Tao. We oftentimes use the rock formations, sandy bottoms or schooling fish in shallow water as shooting locations. You will have to be at least a level one freediver since we do these photoshoots while breathholding.

How much is a photoshoot?

It depends on what you want, but in general the prices are between 5000 to 7000 THB for the shoot and editing.

Can I learn how to model underwater?

Yes! We work together with Nikki who has a lot of experience modelling underwater. She will teach you the underwater modelling course and how to pose, while I will be there to capture the best angle.


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